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Dot Kerala - Project Launch Sequence – First Phase

The first phase is divided into three cycles

Project Launch Sequence

1. Application phase: The proposed Dot Kerala is an independent top-level domain of the community of keralites on the Internet. The gTLD (Generic Top-level Domain) application is under process for dot kerala. All supporting documents, evaluation procedures and other strings attached have been fully researched and considered.

2. Financial phase: The commercial environment of a new gTLD is new and a very different place where the socio-economic, cultural, the nation or geographical influences that plays important role. The financial planning is a very important element for dot kerala and this will be implemented once the cash flow model is approved.

3. Bidding process: Bidding procedure for the registry database that keeps track of the dot-Kerala information about who owns what website. It will be decided by the dot-Kerala presidium.

Dot Kerala - Project Launch Sequence – Second Phase

Once a gTLD application has been approved and delegated it can be. This Launch Sequence will dictate who can register a New gTLD, when, and under what conditions.

New gTLDs will become available to different groups at different times, at different prices under different circumstances. A typical TLD rollout or launch sequence will look something like this:

Registry Database

The second phase is divided into four consecutive cycles

  • Trademark Sunrise and Sunrise Auction
  • Landrush Auction
  • General Availability
  • Premium/Reserve Auctions

Trademark Sunrise – approx duration 2-3 months

Before domain names can be made available to the general public, a new TLD registry must provide current brand and trademark owners the opportunity to secure their trademarks under the new top level domain. This period is known as ‘Sunrise’. The fee for registration is usually higher due to trademark clearing and verification costs. In cases where two valid marks exist, there would normally be an auction. ex. Delta Faucets v Delta Airlines.

Landrush – approx duration 30 days

The initial launch phase for broad general distribution when anyone can submit a request for a domain name under the new gTLD. Landrush is NOT normally ‘first come, first served’. Rather, registration requests are open for a period of time, several weeks to a month, after which registration would be closed for a short break, during which the requests are examined for duplicates. Identical registration requests are then AUCTIONED off to the highest bidder from among the applicants for that specific domain name. for example, if there are three different registration requests for ‘’ then those three parties would be able to bid between them for the domain name. Landrush registration requests are usually priced significantly higher than the retail price set for general availability. For example, .CO landrush registrations were priced at $260. This higher cost for registration during landrush does NOT guarantee that you will secure the domain. The highest bidder during the Landrush Auction for that specific domain name will win it. It is only at this time the domain will be truly registered and owned.

General Availability – perpetual after landrush

Finally, domain names under the new TLD are available to the general public, at normal retail prices on a first come, first served basis. When a domain is registered, it is officially reserved and registered in real time. This is when ‘Pre-registration’ typically comes into play. Pre-registered names are set in a queue by a registrar. At the moment general availability is begun, registrars are granted connections to the registry database in turns. If a specific domain name is available at the time of the registrars request, that name can be held and registered in real time. It is important to understand that pre-registration does not in any way guarantee you will secure your requested domain name.

Reserve, or Premium Names Auctions – anytime after sunrise

A new gTLD domain name is basically undeveloped virtual real estate and by nature, some are worth more than others. A gTLD registry can and will withhold domain names from open registration. Registries will reserve thousands of names they deem to be ‘premium’ or ‘high value’ to be auctioned off when and how they choose. If you were hoping to scoop up ‘’ during landrush or GA, you will most likely be disappointed. Domain names that have significant meaning or value will almost certainly be reserved for auction. Reserve auctions can occur anytime after Sunrise. Registries have often held names in reserve for years, releasing a limited number to auction at intervals.

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