gTLD .kerala is YOUR one-stop shop to discover and register your gTLD(s) and market premium 2nd Level Domains ASSOCIATED WITH your chosen gTLDs within any market sector.

We offer the following services:

1. REGISTRATION: Pre-registration services for organizations and entities seeking successful registration of one or more gTLD(s).

2. gTLD DEVELOPMENT: Discovery of suitable gTLD names. Development of consituencies to aid entities in being seen by ICANN evalauators, market leaders and the public as THE right candidate.

3. PARTNER MANAGEMENT: Management of ALL partners associated with successful gTLD registration, marketing and on-going gTLD revenue streams. Includes: techincal partners, registry/registrar partners, legal, marketing/sales, business intelligence and customer service. We are your one-stop shop for every team member needed for pre-registration, post-registration objection process, and on-going marketing/sales.

4. RESEARCH: Market Research for the purpose of discovering customers interested in 2nd Level Domain Names.

5. ON-GOING CREATIVE AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: Management of the sales/marketing of your 2nd Level Domain Names.

Brand equity—one of the global enterprise’s greatest assets—directly impacts revenues, reputation and customer relationships. Strong brands have always been tempting targets for scammers and competitors; now, as business moves online new threats are in play. The inherent openness and anonymity of the Internet are creating unprecedented challenges: fraud, brand abuse and unauthorized channels. To defend its brands, channels and marketing investments from these ever-evolving online risks, today’s enterprise needs an entirely new approach: a holistic brand protection strategy that leverages technology to fight a technology-borne problem.